A Feeling of Accomplishment

by Dhruti Shah, Moringa School Student

It’s week 7 and we are halfway through the program. It has definitely been a roller coaster ride. Ruby on Rails, Android, Java, making application frameworks using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, ideation, HTML/CSS. All I can say is that I have learnt A LOT in the last 7 weeks!

From not knowing what Ruby on Rails was to building a clone of Twitter, from always wondering how apps are made to making an android application, I still can’t believe I am able to create all these cool things now. It is such a good feeling, a feeling of accomplishment, when you see the application you spent hours working on actually function they way you intended it to.

It definitely has not been an easy journey, but I can tell you that all the sleepless nights, frustration, tiredness, is all worth it at the end.

Moringa School has completely transformed me. I love technology. I love building new applications be it on Android or a website.