Work hard. Be inquisitive. Relish failure. Don’t give up.

by Keval Shah, Moringa School Student

A lot of the blogs you read on coding bootcamps has vastly been about what students learned and how they felt about it. I thought I would change that in my blog and let it be something more inspirational and food for thought.

As I’ve been studying and working the last 7 years in the United Kingdom, the first thing that struck me about Moringa School was the culture. I always tend to pay close attention to the culture wherever I go. The aura in our teaching room/board room/Friday Pizza & Talk room is relaxed, informal and open plan. Remember there’s a lot of hard work being done within those walls!

During the first week of the course, one of the biggest learning’s from the week is “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” (Yup I stole it from the Moringa School Facebook Page, but completely resonate with it.) Today was the start of a journey. An intensely challenging, yet (hopefully) hopefully deeply satisfying journey!

I constantly hear the teachers and other students telling you to put in the hours and don’t give up. This means that your learning curve should be exponential, and you will realize that most motivational talks you hear today are geared to get us in that frame of mind – To push yourself to the limit. To work, breathe, and live outside of your comfort zone. Learning from the teachers in Moringa School made me realize that they are more like gurus – they guide you rather than spoon-feed. This makes us more adaptable to the real world out there.

In the coding world we have to realize that we shall intentionally fail to hit goals, which in turn is a very effective tool. You fail, you learn why and you move on. This will help you to be curious. Curiosity will drive you, if you want to see if something works just give it a try – your laptop isn’t going to explode! Over the past weeks I have realized that learning to code isn’t necessarily to memorize commands, but more about understanding what you are doing and how different parts piece together.

To me Moringa School is a way of life. Throughout the course, you will hear every teacher saying you need to get used to the new way of thinking. It’s all-logical; to coders, but it’s not necessarily going to be obvious to someone who has never come across code before. Once you think in a particular way, (the developer thinking mindset) it will stick, things should become clearer, and you should have the ability to learn different languages, frameworks, and much more at a quicker pace and hopefully with relative ease.

Try and compound this with curiosity, you will be left with a self-sustaining learning loop that progresses faster each time through more advanced material. Your passion for learning continues with you for the rest of your life. With all said and done, you can tell the teachers really want you to succeed. They’re passionate about what they’re doing and it’s not just another paid course where they couldn’t care less. Its genuine, and having someone invested in you and your journey is a great feeling.

Work hard, Be inquisitive, Relish failure, Don’t give up.

(Check out Keval’s personal website here.)


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