I Want to be a Programmer

By Diana Wanjuhi, Moringa School Student

Dear Boss,

Being a programmer is a glamorous thing. Programmers build systems. Programmers solve problems. They gave the world Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and so much more. There have been movies made about how the geeks shall inherit the earth.

So you want to be a programmer? Ask yourself why. Do you love creating? Does the elegance of a well-written line of code make you smile? Do you regularly debate the advantages of Rails over PHP? Are you willing to spend long hours looking at your screen trying to figure out why your program does not work, only to realise it was a misplaced comma? You are? Good. Just like learning to ride a bicycle, or play the piano, you need to practice consistently to be halfway decent at your craft. You will fail many times. During these moments, remember why you wanted to be a programmer: to solve problems and build beautiful things.

As gloomy as that sounds, I remain optimistic. Technology pervades everything today. From transportation to healthcare to energy, programming is making the world a better place. Programmers are modern-day superheroes. We run the world. That comes with a great responsibility not to be evil.

Bearing all this in mind, I applied to Moringa School. I am learning Ruby, HTML and CSS. I have gone from zero to building a website. It has been two weeks of being challenged and getting better. I have met amazing people from all over Kenya and the world. Now, I no longer want to be a programmer.

I am a programmer.


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