Beginnings of a 12-Week Sprint

By Wilhelm Uschtrin, Moringa School Student

Moringa School. It’s the morning of the Friday of our second week. First on today’s agenda is a feedback session, where we talk to Audrey about this week and how we experienced it. It’s great that we can give feedback so openly and that the staff shapes and changes the content, sessions and general experience accordingly. Other topics for today include deploying our personal websites, reviewing the Mars Rover challenge (Ruby) that is due for today (which is REALLY challenging) and learning about more advanced concepts of Ruby.

It is quite amazing how far we’ve come in these two weeks. A short recap:

Monday last week was just organizational stuff, setting goals, talking about expectations and getting to know each other. No content on Monday yet.

Tuesday to Wednesday we blasted through HTML, CSS & Bootstrap, started building our personal website, learned about Git and GitHub (they’re not the same, believe it or not) and the Terminal. We installed a battery of tools including Sublime, Git, Z-Shell, Ruby, AndroidStudio (for Java later), and Thursday got an introduction to UX and UI. We already had guest speakers last Friday from SkylineDesign, one of the most progressive web design companies in Kenya, talking about the state of (web-) design and website development in Kenya.

This week we sprinted through the basics of Ruby, were already required to use Git and the Terminal on a daily basis, dived deeper into UX and UI. Later today we will be listening to guest speakers from DumaWorks, who do ‘recruiting-as-a-service’, if I may call it that way. I already checked them out a couple of weeks ago and thought that later on hiring through them would make that process a breeze.

For the educationally inclined: the teaching methods consist of question-oriented and participative input-sessions, coding-challenges, assignments for home and online-courses on various websites.

So yeah – Moringa School makes us go fast. It’s only the end of the second week and I can already see the pieces coming together. I am VERY excited to see where we will be after another two weeks and at the end of our 12 weeks.

For now I have to get back to my code tough, my mars rovers are still acting up a little bit.


(Check out Will’s personal website here.)


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